Mobiles are the wireless devices that allow the user to receive the calls and send the text messages. the earliest mobiles are only used for the make and receive calls and send or receive text messages, but the latest mobiles technology have advanced features such as browsers, games, video player and cameras. Mobiles are used to communicate through a long-distance without wire.

The latest mobile has advanced features like Global System Communication (GSM) network that is used for sending and receiving messages and have multimedia messaging services (MMS) that allow the user to send and receive images. The latest mobile technology has the same features as on the computer so that mobiles are called smartphones. Mobiles in the 1950s are heavy and large but the latest technology resolves this issue and the latest mobiles are easy to use and have carried easily.


The new mobile phones have featured similar to the computer is called a smartphone. These phones are a small computer that is used for email, browsing the internet, play games, listen to music, touch screen, Wi-Fi, digital camera, GPS (global positioning system), software application and mobile operating system the important feature of smartphone phone is a connection to the app store. The smartphone is an essential part of our daily lives.

Mobile operating system (Mobile OS):

The mobile operating system is also called a mobile OS. It is an operating system that designed to run on the other devices like mobile phone, smartphone and have tablets. There are many mobile operating systems. The most popular operating systems are the following:

  • Android:

This operating system is designed by Google. The android operating system is easy to use and has the most used able operating system in the world. It is open-source software that is designed for touch screen mobiles, tablets, and smartphone. The version names of android are a cupcake, Donut, ├ęclair, ice cream sandwich and many more. Android phones are Samsung, Sony, Huawei and many more.

  • iOS:

iOS is designed for Apple devices. iOS is that the intuitive advanced intelligent and secure mobile package. The devices are including iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. The current version of iOS is iOS 11 and iOS 12.

  • Windows:

The window is easy to use and has a secure or simple operating system. Windows operating system is used in PC, tablets or smartphones. These include window 10 and there feature including excel, Skype or Outlook. The devices for Windows OS are Microsoft Lumia 950, Microsoft Lumia550 and Microsoft Lumia 950 XL.

  • ColorOS:

ColorOS is an operating system is created by OPPO that is based on Google’s operating system Android. There is some different feature in colorOS that are not available in androids like long screenshot options, FTP server or many others, colorOS are available in OnePlus smartphone.

  • Flyme OS:

Flyme OS is a mobile operating system that is developed by the Meizu for their smartphone based on the Android operating system. It allows the navigation easily on your smartphone by only pressing one button without the on-screen navigation buttons.

  • OxygenOS:

OxygenOS is the version of the Android operating system that is developed by the Chinese smartphone OnePlus. There is another version of OS developed by Chinese that is called HydrogenOS.

Mobile phone Manufacture:

In mobile technology, there are a lot of companies that manufacture the smartphone or the latest mobile phone. Every company tries to be the number 1 position in the technology and each has different derived different mobile technology.

Some companies are given below:

  • Apple:

Apple is a multinational technology company of American. These products are iPad, iPhone, apple watch or many more. Their software includes are iOS, macOS or many more. Apple designed software iOS that do not use other mobiles only iPhone from apple use. They use a secure mobile operating system. iPhones are the most popular smartphone in the world like Apple iPhone XR, Apple iPhone 8 or many other apple iPhones.

  • Samsung:

Samsung Company is a South Korean company that is the world’s largest company in the world that produces electronic devices. Samsung has many productions in the electronic industry as well as in mobile technology. Samsung has become the most popular Android smartphone of all time. Samsung becomes the second-largest mobile device manufacturer in the world and has the largest manufacturer of devices for running Google Android in the market. The Samsung mobile phones are Samsung galaxy s10, Samsung galaxy s10e, Samsung galaxy s10+ or many more. The Samsung mobiles are the most popular mobiles over the world and these mobiles are the best mobiles.

  • Huawei:

Huawei is a multinational technology company Chinese. The focus of Huawei is manufacturing the mobile phones and providing the customer convergent telecommunication experience any time anywhere, and have provided the best mobile phones. The Huawei new mobile OS is called the harmony and has a rumored to release a phone at the end of the year the new OS. The latest mobiles of Huawei are Huawei P30 Pro, Huawei P30, Huawei mate 20 pros.

  • OPPO:

Oppo is a consumer electronics and mobile communication Chinese company. Oppo is leading in the top manufacture of the smartphone brand in china. The Oppo Company aims to bring the beauty of technology in the world. The mobile operating system that is used Oppo colorOS. That is based on the Android operating system. The latest mobile of Oppo is Oppo Find X, Oppo RX17 Neo, Oppo RX17 Pro.

  • Nokia:

Nokia is a multinational telecommunication information technology company. There is a major contribution to Nokia in mobile technology. Nokia can connect technology to the world. They firstly provide new mobile phones. Nokia discovers a better mobile experience and explores the technology. The mobiles of Nokia are Nokia 216, Nokia 9 pure view

  • Sony:

Sony is the multinational conglomerate company in Japanese. Sony is known the wide range of electronics consumer includes TV’s, PSP, tablets PlayStation 4 or many more. The groups that are consisting of Sony are Sony mobiles, Sony TVs, Sony picture or many more. The operating system that is used by Sony mobiles is android versions. The latest mobiles of Sony are Sony Xperia 1, Sony Xperia 10 plus.

  • LG:

LG is the South Korean multinational electronics. LG mobiles phones are a huge variety of mobiles. With the different design, display or having a better interface. A smartphone comes with a touch screen and you meet LG with different style phones. LG mobiles launch an android smartphone. The latest LG mobile is LG G8s.

  • HTC:

HTC is a chines based company. HTC sells mobile devices that are based on the operating system of android, window mobile, and window phones. HTC brings leading in mobile technology and has experience design. The latest HTC mobiles are HTC desire 19+, HTC U19e, HTC Exodus 1.

  • QMobile:

QMobile is an electronics company that is Karachi based in Pakistan. In Pakistan, this is the largest brand that is made in Pakistan. QMobile is a popular smart and mobile phones. The operating system that is used QMobile is Google Android. The latest mobiles are QMobile lt900, QMobile e3 dual, and QMobile Noir s15.

Features of mobiles:

Mobile phone today can do almost everything along with the many benefits. The mobiles technology is increasing the value of wireless like mobile phones, tablets, iPad or many more. There are many features that con many things you can do everything on your mobile phones. In the advanced mobiles, there are many features. Some features are given below:

  • Long last battery:

The battery is the main feature within the mobiles. The battery life is nice than your mobile is the best. Battery life is living the battery performance of your mobile. It is the quality time of your battery, thus after you can purchase a mobile check the battery life. The battery area unit provides the ability supply to perform.

  • Great camera:

The smartphone camera will be the foremost necessary once your mobile camera is best than your image is that the best. The processing power designed into today’s smartphones is amazing. All this newfound pc power is employed to run internet browsing, GPS, music streaming, videos, 4G connectivity and every one the opposite uncountable tasks your phone carries out on a usual.

  • Touchscreen:

The touch screen is a computer display screen that is serving the data as an input device. Once a slight screen is touched by a figure or designs it regulates the event and sends it to the controller for the process. The touch screen could also be containing an image or words that the user will touch to move with the devices.

  • Processor:

The processor is the area unit management of resources power, the processor is the brain of your mobile. The main function of the processor is to read and executes the instruction. When the processor of your mobile is greater than your mobile performance is best.

  • Web browser:

The web browser is a software that are used for accessing data on the World Wide Web. Every individual of the net page, image and video are characteristic. The most popular web browsers are Chrome, Firefox, Safari and internet explorer.

  • Wi-Fi connectivity:

The term connectivity is used about the devices to every alternative to transfer knowledge back and forth. It typically refers to a network affiliation that embraces bridges, routers, switches, and the gateway. Connectivity is a word used to describe however well hardware or software devices will communicate with a range of other devices.

  • Multiple windows:

You did accept seeing only 1 window on your pc, why would you on your phone. Samsung Galaxy phones, moreover as LG’s G2, Optimums and Enact area unit very good at holding you see multiple apps right away. Alternative robot phones and therefore the iPhone stick with displaying one app at a time.

  • Operating system:

Mobile OS is additionally known as the mobile OS. It’s an OS that designed to run on the opposite devices like mobile phones, smartphones and have tablets. Operating system is a software component that can provide the services to the computer There are many mobile operating systems.

  • RAM:

Ram is used to holding the data phone or any computer system, RAM is employed to carry the information a phone, or any ADPS is presently victimization. That manner the speed of the storage does not become a bottleneck that slows the full system down.

  • Resolution:

Resolution is that the range of components contained in a show monitor expressed in terms of pixels on the horizontal axis and therefore the number on the vertical axis. The sharpness of the image on a show depends on the resolution and therefore the size of the monitor.

  • Storage:

The action or methodology of storing one thing for the long run use is termed storage. A memory device is any computing hardware that’s used for storing porting and extracting knowledge files and objects. It wills holds and store data for each technology.

  • Text messages and call:

All mobile phones area unit designed to figure on cellular networks and contain a regular set of services that permit phones of various sorts and in several countries to speak with one another. However, they’ll add support alternative options else by numerous makers over the years. Basic movable services to permit users to form calls and send text messages

  1. Top 10 latest mobile phones:
  2. Samsung galaxy s10 Plus:
  3. Huawei P30 PRO:
  4. OnePlus 7PRO:
  5. Google Pixel 3:
  6. OPPO RENO 10X Zoom:
  7. iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max:
  8. HTC desire:
  9. Sony Ericsson Xperia X10:
  10. Nokia 2.2:
  11. QMobile LT900


Today life is therefore busy and everybody is attempting to complete his desires. Nobody has much time to seem around him and assume for a while to what he needs. The economies are getting stable and unstable typically. Digital and smartphones are solving this issue. You can use your smartphone for a lot of purposes. You can do anything by using your smartphone and get the benefit from your smartphone anywhere at any time.